Friday, December 16, 2011

Weak Attempt at A Christmas Card

And I say weak because none of them match and the day wasn't very pretty.  And I was shooting in my backyard with is NOT a photographers dream location by any means.  Especially in the fall/winter.

But alas, they're still my kids and they're still pretty cute.  And you can see each of their little personalities in the short series of pics.

Still out on the fence as to do a xmas card or not.  Hubs wants to and wants to do one with ALL of us, but there isn't anyone to take the pic of us - and typically even when I hand my camera over, the pic is rarely in focus.  And Robert's only home on the weekends during the daylight - which I would want a natural light picture.  :)

We will see.  Maybe a New Year's Card!??!


Nixed the trampoline.  All I could see was the orange warning sign.

I'm thinking of teaching Landon how to smile.  And Lillian?  What is she doing?

Ok, don't look too miserable. 

At least one is ecstatic!

Almost, but not quite.

A little better....

Maybe we'll try again.  :)


  1. Our Christmas card pic is less than stellar...we are all on it, but I have the same problem when I hand my camera over...over half the pics were out of focus.

  2. I think a couple of them are cute! But I totally understand...getting 4 kids to smile at the same time for several shots is almost impossible! By the time you get one kid to smile the other kids who've been smiling have fake smiles! Good took us like 20 shots and 2 different days!

  3. Precious pictures! I am really impressed that you got all of them to smile and sit still in one picture! I can't do that and I only have 2! :)


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