Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas #1 Part 1

Since our out of town cousins don't make the blog much, I'm dedicating TWO posts to them. Maybe 3. Depends on how many pictures. :)

We loaded all the kids up and headed across the border to Mississippi for our first Christmas celebration.  The kids have lots of little cousins to play with and we had a BLAST!

The boys:

Some girlies.  They are about 3 weeks apart and were just 2 peas in a pod.  They are both VERY much into Disney princess stuff right now and they were princesses the whole weekend.  :)

Oldest cousin lovin' on youngest cousin!

Rhodes was ready to go!!  Look at that grin!

The kids all scored the perfect gifts this year!

Love this pic.  Don't know what he was thinking! :)

Helping littlest cousin open the first gift.  After that, I think he got the hang of it pretty well!

Rhodes got some super cute rain boots!  He kept growling at everyone with them.  :)

Disney princess galore!!  LOVE!

Think Landon was most excited about this gift...he may have had an inkling of what it was due to the size/shape of the box. 

Oh yea!  He's excited now!!

Just what he wanted!!!! 

Now we just need to get him a little set up at home to shoot at!! :)

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  1. All I can think is "You'll shoot your eye out!" teehee!


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