Monday, December 5, 2011

Tree Traditions

Getting our Christmas tree begins with a trip to IHOP every year.  We load up on eggs and pancakes and bacon and then head out to pick out the perfect tree. 

We typically head over to Home Depot because, let's face it, we need something like lights or some other decoration or home improvement item. 

I did NOT set up the above picture.  We were checking out and I looked over and they were all lined up...

then we headed into the tent to pick one out.  I was not impressed with their trees this year, but oh well. 

After picking "the one" out, we loaded it on the car. 

Then went to town decorating the mantel, tree, and house!

I rocked my Ushanka.  (russian "ear hat") :) 

Taken by Olivia.  And the next 2 as well.  Budding photog??

Lillian pulled out this ornament and thought it was herself.  :)  I can see some resemblance! 

Love all our family traditions!  Hope to build even more!!

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