Sunday, December 4, 2011

Candy House 2011

Yep, it was that time again!  Candy House 2011!!  I got on my santa apron and went to town making seven minute frosting!!!

The kids gathered around the table and divided out the candy.

We blasted some music and waited until the frosting was finished.

Loaded up the candy house with frosting....

Waited in anticipation to put the candy on!  He was LOVING the candy...pure excitement overload!

Then everyone carefully threw on the candy!

And VOILA!!  Maybe one day we can have a little method to the madness....and come out with a "pretty" version.  :)  But for now, the thrown together look is working just fine. 

And what in the world is Landon doing in this picture!??!?

The house now resides on the piano...and I can totally tell when someone (i.e. Rhodes) climbs up to get some.  :-)


  1. So fun! And thanks for the recipe. I can't believe they all are smiling throughout the whole thing. I think my four would have started out great, but then melted down! My 7 y.o. would have been bossing about what to put where! And somebody would've sworn that he ate his candy and they put a piece on my side of the house! ha ha
    and Landon's face is heelarryus

  2. We just did a candy house today! Such fun!

  3. What fun and sweet Christmas memories! Cute pics of the kiddos fingerlicking!

  4. Do you build your candy house, or do you buy one every year? Can't believe how fast your kids are growing up. Too cute!


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