Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas #1 Part 2


Still opening presents!!!

Watching B open his gift that we got him.

A cool set of pocket knives!!

A racked up on some iTunes gift cards!

Look at all that good stuff they got!

Didn't take Rhodes long to set up his bat and ball and start hitting!

Disney princess!!

Olivia got an invisible diary and a Kindle!!!

A scope for his suped up bb gun!

Cousin love!

I love this shot of Robert's parents!  But I can't take credit for it!  His brother Kyle took it when he sneaked off with my camera! ;)

We played a little football too!

The next day we had a little photoshoot!  With 8 young children I was very nervous about how it would go.  But was HAPPILY shocked when they all cooperated SO very well!  Can't wait to see the pictures.  The place we went to had so many great photo ops!

Thank you Mimi, Poppy and cousins so much for all our wonderful gifts!  We had so much fun hanging out with y'all last weekend!!!

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