Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Club 2011: Elvis Edition

For somewhere around 25 years, our family has been gathering this time of year at The Club.  We get all dressed up and enjoy a nice meal together!

Obligatory family pictures....

This year was so different.  The band was SO FUN!  Playing a TON of great dancing songs!!  Robert and I danced and danced.  The balls of my feet were sore the next day!  Guess that what happens when you try and dance in 4" heels!

But then, something that has NEVER happened before happend,

The King arrived!

And let's just say we made his night.  He worked it.  And sure it had nothing to do with all the hooting and hollaring we were doing to him.  All NICE things...just affirming him, ya know.  ;)

He came over and sang and kiss a couple of ladies.  ;)

It was the best The Club EVER!

We just couldn't resist getting up there with him towards the end. 

Then after Elvis was gone, the whole fam got out on the dance floor and cut a rug!

Pretty sure we shut the place down. 

So much fun!  This once definitely goes down in the record books!!

We miss any family that couldn't be there.  All I can say, is that you miss a good one!!!

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