Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Take 2 and 3

Christmas Eve was a busy one this year! Hitting up lots of family for fun, food, and fellowship. Lots of generations getting together!!

All the cousins! Less the boys...they were too busy shooting guns and playing golf. But the girls were more than happy to pose for a few pictures with their new goodies!

My beautiful Mimi! She has been hosting Christmas at here house for so many years, it's going to be weird when one day, we're doing Christmas Eve somewhere else.

The kids acted out the nativity story! Olivia even recited Luke 2:7-14.

Then we sang Christmas carols and lighted candles!

We even had a visit from Nemo the Elf!

to be continued......


  1. OMG!!! That is the MOST hilarious pic of Robert's face and your hands!!!! What a hoot! Looks like your Christmas was wonderful! I will try and give you a shout this week some time to catch up!

  2. Lindsay, you are the cutest mama ever!


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