Monday, January 4, 2010


So I know Christmas was over a week ago but I still wanted to share about Nemo. More for my extended family to see some footage of that night!

You see, Nemo first made his appearance for me and all my cousins 15-20 years ago when we were all little kids. And I'm not sure Christmas goes by without mentioning him. He only made 2 appearances during the years. But he was never forgotten. :-)

Now that the GREAT grand children are at good ages, we thought that he should make another appearance. Since my parents were the ones who brought Nemo to life, the torch was passed to Robert and I.

So here's a few little moments from our "skit". We did NOT practice this one time before we went live. We had ideas of what we were going to talk about but this was completely unrehearsed!


And behind the scenes!


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