Thursday, January 28, 2010


Thumbs are very nice.

Yes, I like my thumbs. I use them a lot. Especially the top part.

And when I was trying to roast some chicken and have a nice home cooked, candle-lit dinner for my family in our new dining area, this little friend....

...chopped the tip of my thumb off. Well, not completely, but it would have if it hadn't been a 7 year old, never been sharpened, bottom of the line knife.

(don't judge my nails...i was a piano player growing up and have never had nice nails!)

Oh the throbbing. My whole arm throbbed. So bad, I called Robert (who thankfully was on his way home) and cried! It hurt. And I'm not a baby when it comes to stuff like this! But I've NEVER cut my finger this bad.

So Robert gets home and helps me get it semi cleaned up. And since our kids are band aid-obsessed, there were not enough for me and my gushing thumb. Ok, not gushing, but let's just say it bled through lots of toilet paper. :-)

So me, (yes me, my throbbing thumb and all) and Rhodes rode (haha, that was funny to type) down the road to pick up some bandages. It throbbed the whole.way.there.

So I get my band aids and head home to finish dinner - with my gimpy thumb.

But I walk into kids gone wild.

Finger painting was the activity of choice for the girls while I was gone for all of 10.3 minutes.

Olivia was smart and cleaned herself up by the time I got upstairs.

Lillian, well, not so much. It was everywhere...on her coat, arms, face, etc. And here I am not supposed to get my thumb wet. It's amazing what you can do one handed when you have to!

Where was Robert?

Oh, glad you asked. In the garage supervising the kids while sanding some furniture.

Luckily, my dad brought some steri-strips and glue to help my thumb heal.

Moral of the story -

Don't cut the tip of your thumb off. Because you can't play your kids Mario nintendo games with a chopped up thumb!

On another note, say a little prayer for this sweet baby. He isn't feeling well and it's hard to see him so puny! He had a horrible night last night (I think I was up 7 times with him) and he's just plain pitiful!

We want him better QUICK!!!

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