Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Life Now

Today ended out Christmas/Winter break. It was FUN. Busy. Crazy. Haphazard. Mayham. All in one. I love order and routine and there just wasn't much of that over the break. We still tried to get up and do "first things first" - make bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. But some days, well, they were just pj days. Which was fine by me. We didn't get out much - except when Robert was around. I guess I'm just too chicken to go places with all 4 by myself. Except the park. Yes, the gated parks. We were there a lot too. Then the temperature dropped to 12 degress. Yeah, not going outside at that temperature. So we just hunkered down at home around the fire. Played lots of wii and snuggled in the bed with a heating pad watching lots of movies.

We are now almost 4 months into having this little guy around.

And lots changed over the break. The boys are now officially sharing a room. And the transition went much smoother than when we put the girls together. Thankfully, Rhodes is a GREAT sleeper. Going 10-12 hours a night. Every once in blue moon he'll get up once to eat. I think it's just because he missed me. :-) We shall see how it goes once he's mobile and blabbing more.

Lillian also has had some milestones. She's pretty much potty training herself. She stays dry around the house and during nap pretty good. I haven't ventured out yet with panties. It's more my problem than hers though. I'm not quite up to the task of visiting every bathroom in every store we go to. So we'll just stick to panties around the house until I feel she's ready to ALL day in panties!

I will say, taking a more laid back approach to potty training has been SO much easier. With Olivia, I really forced it and worked on it. It was pretty stressful for me. With Landon, I just waited - until he was 3. Then it was really quick. Lillian has shown her own interest and I just praise her for staying dry and going in the potty. More of a positive reinforcement approach. So she desires to be potty trained and it makes it a much smoother transition, in my opinion.

We also took the railing off of her twin bed!! And I haven't heard a "THUD" yet!! :-) With the railing gone, it makes the room look so much neater. Not to mention the bed is MUCH easier to make. Glad to have that gone.

I wonder what else will happen in this NEW YEAR!!! I feel adjusted to life as a mom of 4 - not that it's easy - I just feel adjusted. Now I'm just ready to tackle LIFE itself with my brood of 4!

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