Tuesday, January 26, 2010


There is one pretty cool thing going on around here that I haven't told you guys about yet.

America's Funniest Home Videos and I have been in talks.

In talks to air one of our home videos.

Shocker!? Kinda......unless you know my family.

And actually, it's more like the family I married in to. :-) Considering my brother-in-law is the one flying through the air off of one of my kid's flying turtles........

Yes, I submitted a video to AVF a few months ago. Heck, we thought it was funny....at least funnier than the ones we sometimes see on the show every Sunday night.

But then I came across the 19+ pages of paperwork/release forms that came along with uploading videos. And the whole process kinda fizzled out. I tried printing them, but it was too confusing and overwhelming for me. So I let it go.


...I get a phone call. On my cell phone. One with a crazy area code that makes me think, "this has GOT to be a wrong number or some annoying telemarketer"....

But on this day (lucky for him), I decided to happily answer the phone and not send it directly to voice mail.

And whatdoyaknow....I'm glad I answered it.

Because it was America's Funniest Home Videos....calling to tell me they're interested in airing our video and needed all the confusing release forms to move forward with it's scheduled appearance.

And I'm happy to tell you that ALL and every signature (you wouldn't believe all they need) that was needed for the forms was faxed to them and our video is up for final review......with a tentative airing date of March 15th.

To my understanding, it will be airing unless something crazy falls through.

I would REALLY love to show you the video. And some of you may have been lucky enough to already have viewed it on utube.com. BUT, unfortunately, since I signed the rights over to AFV, I had to remove it from the utube community.

But I do plan on letting everyone I know when my son and crazy brother-in-law will be having their 15 minutes of fame....March 15th.

Did I mention it was March 15th???


And then, once it airs, I plan on putting it back on UTUBE....so that I can brag about it share it with every one I possible know. :-)

Wish us luck!!!

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