Monday, December 21, 2009

Meet Roxy

That's what I named her. The dress, that is. My $7 Jimmy Hale Mission Bargain Center blue sequin dress.

She came out to play again. For our Tacky Christmas Party. And she had LOTS of fun.

The 2009 Tacky Christmas was a success - even with 30+ people at our house (completely outnumbered by kids).

I wonder what event Roxy will appear at next?! I truly enjoy wearing her!


  1. Looks like the dog dressed up like a li'l reindeer- she helped out with the tacky attire, as ususal...

  2. I was shopping for our 80's day attire at the same time your friend was shopping for the green dress she is wearing in the picture! We were laughing at that dress in the Salvation Army on Green Springs. What a small world :)


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