Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ahead of the Game This Year

We are on top of things when it comes to decorating this year. Last year we didn't finish everything we wanted to do! And we're almost done with things for this Christmas!!

First task, getting the tree....2 of them were interested.

The other one...well, she was just chilling under the wreaths in the cart.

And the other other one was happily snuggled up with me. Can't he just stay like this forever?

Then it was time to put it all up.

Rhodes even got in on the action!

Robert worked hard making homemade garland - thanks to all those free trimmings!

The kids messed around while Robert assembled.

Lillian kept herself occupied by playing with ribbon on the threshold. It's the little things.

Robert worked on into the evening until it was ALL DONE!!

Heck...we even decorated the dog. Doesn't she look happy!?

We still have a couple of more things to do. Two window lack wreaths and we still need to do the infamous CANDY HOUSE!!!!


  1. Actually, Lil looks the cutest I have ever seen her... props to that!

  2. How fun! Thanks for telling me about the chandelier!


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