Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It Started With A Star

We had such a WONDERFUL Christmas!! We are so blessed!! The kids are at great ages (I feel like I say that every year) to really enjoy and understand the real meaning of Christmas!!!

The live nativity this year was extra special. It was such a tangible example of the birth of Christ! They loved it.

So did Rhodes. He rode his very first goat!

Then we looked a few Christmas lights.

I wonder what their electric bill was for the month of December!!

Our first Christmas stop was just immediate family. We took lots of obligatory family photos!

Gotta love test shots like these! ;-)

The girls!!

Then we cooked up a storm. Our classic Christmas dinner is cooking a turkey, homemade sourdough rolls, leseur peas, mashed potatos, and a couple of other casseroles!!

While the food was cooking we played a little dodge ball!!! SOO much fun!

Then we exchanged gifts!!

And that was just our first stop!!! :-)

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  1. Great pictures! ! LOVE the one of Rhodes in the reindeer hat!! He's so precious!


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