Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Great Pea Debacle of 2009

Oh kids. How DO they come up with some of their ideas!

The setting - dinnertime. Less daddy. Mommy's alone. Daddy's phone is dead. The kids are giggling and eating their dinner. Chicken, potatoes, and peas. I guess I haven't served peas in a while because they were having WAY too much fun playing with them.

So, Landon gets the brilliant idea to put a pea at his nostril! I quickly say, "Do NOT stick peas (or food for that matter) up your nose!!"

Little Miss Copy Cat (Lillian) decides to do it too!!!

And then SNIFF!

And then try and retrieve it by sticking her finger UP her nose.

Great. I tell myself to stay calm and think this through. So she's not going do DIE. Ok. She CAN breath. Ok. But she has a pea up her nose and clearly not comfortable with it up there. Ok.

Since I can't get in touch with Robert, I call my dad - who is also a physician. First thing he tells me is don't panic. And to see if you can grab it but don't worry until the morning. That it will either come out or get swallowed.

So we go to my bathroom and get my tweezers and get about half of it out. She's screaming (because I'm practically sitting on her and Olivia is shining a flashlight up her nose) but the pea still up in there. Green mush and all now. I get a q-tip and see if I can get any more out.

My dad calls back and has a great idea. Put my finger over the open nostril and blow in her mouth!!! Sounds great, makes sense. I try it. But the pea isn't completely blocking the air hole so the air just goes around it.

Then I notice my baby suction bulb. Ah HA!!! Suction that baby right on out!!! At least most of it. There is probably still a little up there, but I figure that she'd sneeze it out eventually or suck it up. Gross...I know.

So once we calm down, she goes back to eating. Avoiding the peas - bless her heart. Then Daddy walks through the door. About 5 minutes too late! Because I'm sure he would have done a much better job at getting it out!!!

And that, my friends, is just another day in the McClellan household!


  1. ROFL!!!!!! the story just wouldn't be the same w/out the photos!!! hahaha-- glad you all survived!


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