Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We Clean Up Nice

We had our annual The Club dinner a couple of nights ago!  We've been doing this tradition for 20 something years!  It's SO fun!  Always nice to get dressed up and go out to dinner!!!

And,  OF COURSE, I had my camera!  :-)

We are missing 9 people in this pic!  But, as you can see, we still have a good size crowd!

My cousins!   Check them out HERE and HERE

Elaine and Graham!

The beautiful Tant girls!  Seriously, could you not hog all the pretty genes on this side of the family! ;-)

Abby and Trey!  Who i s 4 months pregnant by the way!  And lookin' GREAT!

My grandparents, Mimi and Poppop, and their children!!

My clan minus Walton and Margaret! 

Silly shots are a must. 

Wooo Hooo!  Let the night begin!

We enjoyed a nice steak dinner and salad! Then the Orange Rolls are THE.BEST! YUM!  Unfortunately, since the dinner fell on a weekday night so that more could attend, the band wasn't playing.  So we didnt' get to dance like we usually do! 

Hopefully we can keep up this tradition - even if it means the cousins figure out how to do it themselves!  We love our The Club tradition!!

Thank you Mimi and Poppop for keeping this up!  I have so many find memories of this night of the past 20 years!!!

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