Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Photography Spoiled

After hearing about my sick lens and it's need to go to the doctor, a good friend emailed me offering to let me borrow one of her lenses that she doesn't use very much.  I think I called her within 2.5 seconds of receiving that email!

Because it's Mary Margaret Chambliss and she is an awesome photographer!  She has photographed our family a couple of times.  I blogged about it HERE, put a video HERE (I still cry every time I watch it), and then one more time HERE.   Who can blame me for blogging about it so much...she did a great job!  Her pics were also our Christmas card for 2009.

Anywho, being such a beginner photographer, I could never afford (or knew much about) Canon L series lenses.  I mean, I didn't doubt that they were incredible.  The glass, the sharpness, the speedy focus....I just focused on what I did have and what I could afford!  And enjoyed myself!

But when I put that lens on and then ran out into 20 something degree temps with my 15 month old (and only cooperative subject these days) to snap a few shots off before the sun went down, I knew I was gonna like it.  A lot.

Yes, I could tell a difference.  I don't know...maybe I've put my hands on just enough lenses to be able to tell what good quality I was shootin' with. 

So here's the mini photoshoot I did with Rhodesie Boy!  We went to jump off some energy until our nose was so cold it was the color of Rudolphs!!

THANK YOU MMC for letting borrow until my lens is back from the hospital!

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that she also let me borrow a 100mm f/2.8 MACRO lens!  Interesting...there will probably be many random photography posts coming up! ;-)

Rhodes was so happy to be OUT OF THE HOUSE he ran down the driveway.  Olivia has been sick, so we've pretty much been house ridden for the past few days.


LOVE this pic...the hair, hat and sun flare! 

We bundled up with 2 coats and were still freezing our noses off!

I kept telling Rhodes not to run off the trampoline and sit down...he would look at me like this:

But M-O-M!!!


OH, a ball....and I'm freezing!

And then I followed him inside....clearly, he'd had enough!


  1. Did you add the sun flare with photoshop? Because it looks just gorgeous! what lens are you using with these shots?

    I guess it doesn't hurt that you have such a cute subject :)

  2. @The Steffens NO! NO added sunflare in photoshop. I boosted and sharpened just a little, but that was natural sunflare!

    The lens is the 24-70 f/2.8's super nice! I don't know if I wanna give it back! ;-)


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