Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holly Jolly Christmas Pics

This was the last picture my camera took before my lens went out. :-(  At least we're ALL in it!! :-)

Santa Sunday was this past Sunday.  The Club has gone all fancy and hired a professional photographer for Santa pictures!

At first we were going to do just the kids...the we were like, what the heck, let's all get in with Santa!

Rhodes cried.  I have to say that the first time he met Santa (last week) he didn't cry!  But this set him over the edge.

Readjust.....now no crying.  Let's just hope the photog got one where we were all looking!

These were taken off from the side with my other lens.

Speaking of the lens, I talked to Tamron and they said it was a quick fix and completely covered by the warranty.  I sent it in yesterday and hope to get it back in a couple of weeks.  It still stinks because I've been the resident photographer at family get togethers, and I'm not going to have my wide angle/wide aperture lens.  I have been super impressed with it's low light and indoor capabilities.  The vibration compensation is great and I would have recommended it to anyone. 

Now, let's just see how Tamron's customer service is.  My opinion may completely change!  They will definitely win some brownie points if I get it back by the 23rd or 24th though.  Which isn't completely impossible, but with it being the holiday season and shipping companies are probably maxed out, it seems a little unattainable.

Renting a lens is out of the question, so it looks like I'll just have my 50mm for a little bit!  Keep lookin' at the bright side!!

11 more days 'til Christmas!!!  

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  1. Sandner tried to take ML SOLO (because I was out of town)...they got there early and were at the front of the line and she pitched the biggest screaming fit ever he left with no Santa photos :( I'm glad Rhodes did much better! I love y'alls!


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