Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hodge Podge

I thought I'd ramble a little bit today.  We'll see where this goes!

We're out for Christmas break!  And we're trying to find things to do!  And it's kinda hard when you have at least one child that is slightly under the weather.  Olivia battled a mild flu (we found out when she was practically well) and I think Rhodes is riding one out too.  But it's super mild...mainly just a fever and whiney.  Poor baby!

So that cuts out places like the gym and friends houses.  :-(

I am COMPLETELY done with Christmas shopping (minus a quick trip to pick up something), but we won't count that. 

It feels SO good. 

Except for the fact that the kids FOUND the presents...but promised they wouldn't look.  And there's been no mention of them since.  Thank goodness for one of Landon's gifts - it's in a gigantic box and pretty much blocks any view of all the toys. 

Just 4 more days to make sure they stay hidden....or that the kids don't get into them again.  :-)

I think the pic above is so funny!  He's been decked out in camo since he's been out of school...and he blended in so well with the ground!  Landon went hunting last weekend.  Not his first hunt, but definitely the first time to watch a deer be dressed!!  The two things he'll tell you about that experience are 1) He saw it's butt, and 2)  The cut the antlers off and you could see the skull.

Really...that's all that stands out?!  MmmmmK. 

Excuse the nose...it won't stay clean right now.  I wipe and wipe....just that time of year + a cold. 

He's still climbing everywhere!  No more spills though...but I think that's more on my part.  Tip:  Don't leave anything out.  :-)

This week, my sister and I are going to do an engagement shoot with Walton and Margaret!  Lacey and I thought it would be fun, but the Walton and Margaret were SUPER excited!  Turns out they weren't going to pay for pics and put that $$ towards a band. 

So I CANNOT wait to bless/gift them with that!  SO FUN!  Hopefully they'll let me share pictures!

Excuse the makeupless face and day old hair!  But I just liked seeing my Ole Miss Mom decal! :-)

Our Christmas celebrations begin Thursday night with a Christmas Eve Service (even though it's the 23rd...we're going to 1 of the 12 services and that night worked the best) and then all day Christmas Eve, we house jump and eat, play, rest, eat, play, eat, open presents, eat, play...SLEEP!

Then Saturday, we'll stay in and play all day!  And hopefully, Saturday afternoon, TAKE OUR TREE DOWN.  It's a fire hazard.  Seriously.  It is CRIS-PY!  And wilting and all the water in the world can't save it.  It's been up a month so it's lasted a good while!

I haven't heard back about my lens yet.  I keep checking if it's shipped everyday....but not yet.  I did talk to them and they are going to check EVERYTHING else, clean it and all for FREE!!!  So far...service has been great!

One last random thing...I didn't do Christmas cards this year. :-(  And not because everyone knows what's going on and what we look like from Facebook or the Blog.  I love sending Christmas cards and receiving them!

BUT...let's face it...they're expensive!  And last year, when I bought $100 worth of stamps, they were stolen and I had to buy $100 of stamps again.  We've got a hefty list!

We decided to have more wiggle room in our giving budget and take a year off from cards this year.

Hopefully next year!!! 



  1. Someone stole your stamps????? Oh my goodness!!!

    Also, loved the camo pic. You could barely find Landon :)

  2. I was literally just reading this post when your comment popped up. Thank you so much for sharing! I love your blog and feel that we share many of the same values.

    I knew it would be hard and probably misinterpreted post, but I also wanted to challenge people. I only hope I wordsmithed it enough!

    I hope your lens comes in time!

  3. I love reading your blog...it's a great way to keep up with you since we never get to see each other anymore. :( We aren't doing cards this year either...mainly for the same reason! I think a lot of people have opted out this year. :) Does Robert take Landon hunting???


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