Friday, February 12, 2010

Well Whatta Ya Know

They got it right. The weathermen. On the ONE day, I really didn't want snow, it snowed.

We had to postpone Landon's birthday celebration. It didn't phase him a bit. (Another boy/girl difference - Olivia would have had a meltdown.)

But we got a few inches and braved the "cold" for a little bit to enjoy the rarity of this wintry bliss. (yeah right...that's why I live down south!)

It was only fittin' I put on my nicest fur vest (faux of course), yoga pants, and cowboy boots and go photograph the winter wonderland.

Snow angels!!!

Landon nailing Olivia with a snowball!

Robert nailing me with a snowball!!!

Notice huge blurry snowball in bottom right corner!

Ahh...VICTORY! He wouldn't have it any other way. :-)

And now, for a nice foot soak.

Wusses. If they only knew I was born in Minnesota. Well, if only I remembered being born in Minnesota! :-)

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