Monday, February 15, 2010

We Were Fancy!

I think the Good Lord above knew I couldn't handle 2 children's birthday parties in 18 hours. Because he sent a "snow storm" that forced us to postpone Landon's party!

Olivia's birthday morning was BEAUTIFUL! Blue, sunny skies with snow still scattered made for a enjoyable drive to my mom's house. Who graciously let me use her space for Olivia's guests!

The table was set! Silver and all!

We got fancy. I donned a floral sequin dress (see a pattern here?!), diamond earrings, and a sequin headband!

We had enough "fancy" to go around!

The guests arrived and had their makeup done by non other than my professional make-up doer, my sis Lacey! She even got fancy too!

Nothing but the best of the best...Bare Escentuals and Sally Hansen!

The girls dined on petite chicken salad sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches cutout like crowns and presents, fresh fruit, cheese cubes, and cheesey chex mix. Then had a fancy drink with an umbrella as decoration!

After singing a couple of versions of "Happy Birthday" to the birthday girl, we downed some jewel crowned cupcakes!

I then read to them the book "Fancy Nancy" by Jane O'Connor.

They were PERFECT listeners! And knew ALL the fancy words!

Then Olivia opened presents. You could tell she felt so loved and special! It was impossible to get her girlfriends to back off of her...they couldn't get close enough! But I think Olivia loved it. :-)

We struck a "fancy pose" and then called it a day!

Her party went so well! Having that many little girls together (with only about 2 moms around) was much easier than I expected. They were all so incredibly well behaved and polite!

I wish had more pics but I pretty much played cook, hostess, and photographer the whole time.

I will say that I absolutely COULD NOT have pulled this off without my sister and mom!


Oh, and I took a 2.5 hour nap when I got home that day! Wore.Me.Out. :-)

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