Thursday, February 11, 2010

This Little Thumb

Is doing MUCH MUCH MUCH better!

When I tell you it was one of the most painful places to be hurt as a mom (or anyone for that matter), please take my word for it and don't test it yourselves.

I'm at 15 days post accident and if you think this looks bad, well, just be glad I didn't post any pics from a couple weeks ago.

Though I've lost of lot of skin off the top (I have to keep trimming it), I think one day...fingers crossed, it'll look normal again.

I've been "trying to not use my thumb" for so long now that I'm having to purposefully incorporate small tasks, such as cleaning out my left ear, buttoning kids coats, and channel surfing, to remind my thumb of the job it used to have. Other things like texting, buttoning snaps, and nose picking (just kidding) still hurt. But I see the light at the end of the tunnel - the new pink skin is coming in.

There is not much skin top sensation at the tip. Which is strange. It feels like a fake rubber tip. And I can press it and the whole tip just puts pressure on my whole finger. But it has stopped bleeding (which took forever) and is a WHOLE LOT less sensitive.

I'm just hoping it'll even out and be a round-tipped thumb again. Because right now, it's lopsided. :-(

Again, you never appreciate a part of your body until you are unable to use it!!

Thank you Lord for thumbs!! I use them ALLLLLLL the time!

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