Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy With Preps

Whew...where does time go!

Since my last sling post (which I find myself wearing whether Rhodes is in it or not) I got sick, celebrated the days my two oldest children were born and began preparing for TWO back-to-back birthdays. That will take place within 18 hours of each other.

Am I Crazy? Probably. Is it doable? I'll let you know. :-)

I know I didn't do "day of" birthday posts for the kiddos - Olivia and Landon's birthdays are February 5th and 6th, respectively. They turned SEVEN and FIVE.

O.M.G. Seriously, where does that kind of time go!?!?!

So...back to the birthday parties. Is is bad to tell you that this is the first, like, real, birthday party I've thrown for the kids. Scratch that, Olivia did have a 4 year old Chuck-E-Cheese party, but I didn't have to do a thang! But I've NEVER done 2 separate parties.

My plan (in my few short years as a mom), was to keep it small and simple (i.e. just family) until they were old enough to verbally ask to have a big party with friends.

Well, 2010 was the year. They knew what they wanted and were bold enough to ask.

SO.....without further ado, Olivia is having a "Fancy Nancy" party with all of her school girlfriends and then some other special friends. :-)

And Landon is having a camo bonfire party. Where they are cooking hotdogs and s'mores and having an outdoor scavenger hunt!!! :-) (Did you really think I would turn 10 little boys loose in my!)

Robert dug out a fire pit in our back yard! Oh, and totally saved the grass as to put it back when we are done with The Pit. Can't have our yard all holey.

So, needless to say, it'll be pretty interesting with 10 little 5 year old boys at our house playing with fire.

Don't worry, I've already planned to have the water hose readily available and a fire extinguish at hand. :-)

So we are hoping everything gets off without a hitch!! I'm sure it will. Landon's party is done with planning and prepping. Boys are so easy. Easy peasy to please.

Girls, sheesh, there are so many details....and feelings to worry about.

But I'm excited to put all the thought and planning into make this a special time for my kids!!

Pretty sure I'll be exhausted by Saturday night!!! Exhausted from all the FUN we will be having this weekend!! Can't wait to share pics! If I manage to not be distracted enough to take pics.....

Oh boy...not sure I realize what I'm getting myself into.

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