Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wrap Up

I haven't forgotten about ya'! For those who asked a question and I have yet to acknowledge it, here are the responses!! :-)

What workout class do you do?

I feel like I didn't completely answer this question last time. My favorite workouts are step circuit classes. They are 45 minutes of cardio on a bench with intervals of weight exercises! Then 15 minutes of abs at the end. Sometimes I just do the step classes (no intervals) and then a muscle works class. Which is pretty much working out every muscle in your body! :-) I'm back to loving the elliptical right now too. The smoothness of the machine makes it really comfortable for my belly....not too much bouncing around!

How did you and Robert meet?
How old were you when you had your first child?

Well, that could be a whole post in itself. I think it'd be pretty cool if Robert wrote it. His writing skills are much more eloquent than mine. (hint, hint....)

But we met at Ole Miss. I actually met him my freshman year, but the sparks didn't fly until the beginning of my sophomore year. We were engaged and married in 2002 and had Olivia in 2003. I was 20 years old!! :-)

Do you still use a budget? How does that work with your husband's new career?

I had to consult Robert on how to answer this one. He's the main budget/money person in the family . I don't consider myself completely out of the finances (I used to do it all myself), but I'm not the one running Quicken anymore! (I heart Quicken) He's good at letting me know what's going on. We both sat down on New Year's Day and had a pretty thorough meeting about our finances for the upcoming year. I'm talking full of excel spreadsheets and budgets all printed out. As well as goals and such for 2009. Luckily, we strive to live off of 80% or less of what Robert makes.

Of course things changed slightly when he lost his job a week later! ;-) But not too much.

But here is the answer he wrote out for me! ok, so i cheated a little

The great thing is that the Lord always provides for us and Top-of-the-Line painting work is always in high demand in the communities in which Robert focuses his business. Based on his past experiences, he knows that he can make a certain amount per week painting and what our cash flow will be. We always find ways to save money and our fixed expenses are such that his take home could be less than most teachers make and we would still be ok.(Tight but ok). So, the answer is: Yes, we still have a budget.

(Thanks Robert) :-)

The sewing questions:

- Could you post a step by step way to make those cute dresses for your girls? soon I as make some more. I'm sure I will. I just found a new sewing shop that I had no idea existed close to my house!! With SUPER cute fabric. I'm also have my eye on a serger...which would make my projects MUCH easier and faster...and cheaper too. And my bday is just a short 8 weeks away! :-)

- Would it be better for the maternity jeans I am going to make to be a little too small to begin with or fit just right. I know you said snug but tight snug or just right.

I would say on the verge of too small. And that you definitely can't button them. Because cutting off the top part and the belt loops really frees up a lot of room for your belly. And then the belly band stretches nicely but is snug enough to hold them up. I felt the ones that were tighter through the hips stayed up much better than if they were super loose. And remember, jeans stretch a good bit. So if you buy them new (like my Gap ones) just know that they're going to stretch a fair amount with wear! So much that I wish I had gone down 1 more size!! :-)

If you had a whole day to do whatever you wanted to do (no husband or kids) what would you do?

I have to say, this question was THE HARDEST. And I still don't think I have a great answer! I guess I'd shoot back and say, "Do I have a budget?" Because I'd probably want to go shopping. Or to a movie. All those types of things that just don't happen when you have little ones. Just getting out with no stroller and kids these days is nice. No matter how short a time it is! One of my favorite things is actually being alone in my own home. I guess because it's such a rarity. It'd oddly refreshing. Especially if it's clean!

Well, that's all folks! Thanks for participating! If there are any questions about my answers..just shoot me a comment or email!!! :-)

Summer is in full swing here! We have lots of fun things in the coming weeks! I'm looking forward to a fun summer with the kids! I hope you are too!

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  1. thanks for the chance to see into your life a little more. I miss getting to chat with you like we used to. would you mind emailing me where that sewing shop is? I need a few things and am getting tired of Hancocks and Hobby Lobby.


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