Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Results....

Well, thanks guys!! For those who participated, I thought your questions were great! I never know how much you actually want to know about the things I share. I guess I figure it might be boring....or overkill. But here it goes!

The topics that were asked about (in no particular order) were: the new baby, my diet/workout routine, how/when Robert and I met, # of kids, our budget/what's going on with Robert's job, and some of my sewing projects!

So I'll attempt the first couple of topics now! :-) With some pictures scattered throughout! :-)

A lot of you wanted to know about names for the new baby and if we found out. We did not find out at our 19 week ultrasound. We found out with Olivia and Landon, but NOT with Lillian. It makes it easy to not figure out if you already have a boy and a girl. But I HIGHLY recommend NOT finding out. The surprise is SOOOO much fun!!! And I don't see the rush in getting nurseries done before the baby's born. I found I never used them very much in the first couple of months anyways. In fact, this baby isn't even getting a crib set up for it before it's born!! haha I guess that's what happens when you're #4.

Names...oh the name game. Well, not knowing what it is does make it harder to come up with names. I literally broke out our family tree the other day. (My grandfather has a very detailed one printed out) That helped a little....I did jott down some names off that list.

We probably won't DECIDE decide until we are in the hospital and know what it is. We haven't really talked about it yet. It's hard when you have two people who aren't really decisive in that area. Robert would probably say, "You decide, I don't care" :-) Hopefully we can use some family names and keep the trend going. I feel like we're running out though...and not leaving any names for my siblings to use! Well...first come, first serve I guess! :-)

And to be completely honest, I won't be telling any names before the baby's born. (sorry) I will skirt the subject around and around until it drops. I for one just can't bring myself to name a child I cannot see. But again, TOTALLY just me! But if you name you're child in the womb, I will talk about it like it's in the room lookin' straight at me!! :-)

As for if this will be our last child, I cannot say. All I know is that children are a blessing. And you never hear people say, "I wish I hadn't had that last child." You always hear how they wish they had more.

I've had the privilege of being around some big families and really love it. Bigger families have to take care of each other. They have to learn to be less selfish. I just love the dynamic of bigger families. It's sad that society thinks three kids is A LOT! And that anymore and you're crazy. I say, the more the merrier! I don't stress about the financial aspect because we know God will take care of us. But I will say, with this one, I have thought about how much I will be cooking one day...and the amount of laundry. Whew...BUT, the good thing is you teach your kids to help out...that you work together as a family to keep the home going!

As for my diet/workout routine, I don't personally think I'm in that great of shape. I didn't jump on the exercise train until after Landon was born. And then after seeing my body change so much, got hooked. I'm much less hooked now. I learned the (very) hard way about gaining weight during pregnancy. I gained a lot with Olivia and Landon and it took A TON of work to get it off. I guess, in my head, I know that the less I gain, the less there is to lose afterwards.

My goal before I got pregnant was to work out at least 3 times (pretty hard) per week. It's harder to fit in my schedule with 3 kids, but I feel like it's a bit of a priority because I'm taking care of my body and myself so I can take care of everyone else (and be around when my kids are older!). Plus it gives me the energy to get through some of those long days.

Pregnant workouts are MUCH much different. I find it very hard to keep up hard cardio workouts with everything that happens to your body when you're pregnant. Plus, I get such bad pains in my stomach when I work out too hard when I'm pregnant. I'm about to settle into a 3x/week hour long weight class. My heart rate gets up just enough, and keeping my muscle mass up will keep those calories burning!! And help get back down after baby.

And I know people don't like hearing this, but kids keep you pretty busy. Just think of the calories I burn when I have to carry 20 pounds of cuteness on my hip in and out of stores and around my house. And when I'm pushing 60+ pounds of kids (not including groceries) around the grocery store! I have Lillian on my hip A LOT...and we have stairs in our house!!! I'm constantly moving around in the house, picking up things and going up and down stairs with loads of laundry in hand. And groceries? Well, we cart those up some stairs too! UP...DOWN...UP...DOWN...I get a workout just from my daily life!

As for what I eat...well, everything. But I'm pretty big at cutting calories wherever I can. Like in condiments, or taking the bun off things. I love the olive oil pam instead of olive oil. I use mustard instead of mayo - and I love the olive oil mayo. What I do know is that when I eat cleaner/healthier, I physically feel better. And it's math. The more caloires you take in (than you burn) the more weight you will gain. If you burn more than you take in, you lose. It's math to me.

My to lose weight, workout to stay healthy.

So this post is way longer than I prefer to post! If ya made it through...thanks for reading!

We have a busy week - Olivia's last week of school, school parties, doctor's appointments, etc! So hopefully I can tackle some more questions soon!


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  1. how fun was THAT? and just FYI I think you are in AWESOME shape!!! love the photos!!!


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