Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Good Start

Memorial Day really snuck up on me this year. Did it do that to anyone else?? I felt like I didn't know we had Monday off, until a few days before!

We've had a great kick off to summer! With school ending and pool parties and cookouts happening, we are pumped about everything for this summer!

Olivia's my little fish. Landon, well, not so much. But we're in these cool new swim lessons I hope to tell you about. I will say forget EVERYTHING you ever knew about swim lessons. {blowing bubbles, kicking, cupping your hand through the water, etc} These techniques will blow.your.mind. Truly magic before your eyes!! (Can you tell I'm amazed!?) Oh, and I saw (with my own two eyes) a TWO YEAR OLD (as of April - so 2 months older than Lillian) SWIMMING!!!! Like, really. Swimming!! It was quite astonishing.

Cooking out with friends is probably the thing we'll be doing most this summer! Here are the kids at one cookout! This is the best pic of all of them we got! Landon's going to learn to get a long with little girls SO well!! He seems to be one of the only boys wherever we go. Hey, the earlier, the better - on learning how to get along with us ladies!

Then it was silly picture time. I think Robert said something like, "Show me SCARED!"

We also took the kids bowling over the long weekend. We weren't sure how that would go. But they did GREAT! Olivia even got a strike without the ball hitting the bumpers!! Landon got a spare on one turn too!

Look at the tiny bowling shoes! So cute! ;-)

The bowling places really have it down pat these days. Robert bowled with them (I sat this one out) and they made it so that when he bowled, the bumpers went down! So it's really fun for ALL!

Getting the ball back was the most fascinating part...of course. Because it's the most dangerous!

Cheering on Landon. Well, quietly encouraging from the background.

Lillian stayed strapped in her stroller watching the WHOLE time. W.O.W.

But we rewarded her with letting her down and playing on all the machines in the game room. Her favorite was to slide down the skee ball ramp....saying "weeeeee!"

On a side's a funny tale.

I have all the kids with me all the time now, right. Well, the other day, this guy didn't know who Olivia was with - but knew me and hadn't met her yet. (I guess sitting right next to me in the chair wasn't enough) He asked her what her name was and what grade she was in, etc. (It wasn't creepy, I promise) And then he said, "Now who is your mommy?" I raised my hand, because I was 12" from her to which he responded, "NO WAY...." And then kept on with what he was doing!

Y'all, she's been out for 4 days! Oh....bring on the CRAZY comments people!! Because, most of the time, I think they're HILARIOUS :-) and I promise I'm not really making fun of YOU in my head


  1. 1) I love Lillian's scared face! Too funny!
    2) I love Olivia's french braid and bow!
    3) I miss yall! Can't wait for the lake!

  2. I love Lillian's scared face too! She truly looks scared!!! And I love the bowling idea. I think Christopher would enjoy that.

  3. i don't get what u mean by the guy asking O her he was going to kid nap her? don't post this of corse:)

  4. Okay, you got me wondering about the swim lessons--- what's the newest thing?? And bless your heart with the comments... most of the material for my blog comes from comments made by strangers. People say some of the craziest things. Just wait until #4 arrives!


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