Thursday, May 21, 2009

1 Down, 12 To Go

Olivia has wrapped up her year in Kindergarten!! What an awesome year it has been for her! She absolutely loves school and loves to learn. (I'm not sure she completely understands that it's going to be 3 months until it starts back up!!)

Some of her accomplishments have included learning to read, writing in cursive (that's what they start them out with - and the kids do AMAZING!), memorizing lots of scripture and poems, and her favorite subject was science - especially the weather and animals! She also had 1/2 a year of Spanish!

Her school had an end of the year, school wide picnic as their "party". It was a most gorgeous day and it was so fun for all the kids, parents (well, moms really), and teachers to get together and fellowship.

Olivia goes to a...well...less conventional school than most schools. There is no "fluff"...if you will. Not that there is anything wrong with "fluff", it's just the school's focus is more family/heavenly focused and less earthly focused. I have to say I wasn't sure how I'd like this school when we picked it. But after being there for 2 years and seeing Olivia and ALL the other kids thrive spiritually and educationally, I have to say I LOVE IT! And the testimonies that the middle school kids give are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! These kids hearts are just overflowing with good ole genuine LOVE for GOD and each other! It's truly refreshing to be around all of the students and teachers.

At the picnic, Olivia and her friends did a little of this and that. Olivia managed to stay clean and dry despite risking falling in the water numerous times.

One of her best friends.

About 1/8 of the school.

Hanging out with her principal. Which I think is so cool. How many kids get to hang out and hug their school principal. He calls her Olive and Olivia LOVES it! He is always smiling and encouraging the kids. :-)

While Olivia was off playing, I was following around Miss Independent. This girl could care less where I am at any time. I would watch her walk around the area we were at from 20 feet back or so, and she just strutted her stuff, attitude and all, around like she owned the place. She carries such an obvious "I'm older than I look" aura about her as she walks around. And people comment about it all the time - which I find so amusing! She's going to be trouble with a capital "T" when she gets older.....Lord, help me!

And while all this fun-ness was happening with the girls, the boys were at the SEC baseball tournament cheering on the Rebels!!

H O T T Y T O D D Y !!!


  1. Okay don't do the countdown thing! That really put things in too clear a perspective and the next thing we know you will have one graduating and I'll have a junior! Ugh! At least we can look forward to grandkids in our 40's right?

  2. Hey =) Enjoyed this post. Where does Olivia go to kindergarten? I am trying to decide for Joshua his route. Homeschooling or public kindergarten. Here lately, leaning on public but the wordly perspective bothers me.

  3. I'd love to know where Olivia goes to school too. I'm graduating next spring with a masters in elementary education so I'll be job searching pretty soon. I know private schools don't pay as well but they do have other benefits! If you don't want to say, I completely understand. I'm glad she loves school so far!

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