Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We're so excited to be headed out bright and early Friday morning for one more round of birthday celebrations for Olivia and Landon! Sans Lillian too. (sorry baby're just TOO young!)

Chattanooga here we come! We're hitting up lots of fun spots up there and staying 1 night! The kids are most excited about sleeping in the hotel and swimming in the indoor pool. Go figure.

I'm really excited about the aquarium. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever been to a big aquarium. So Robert and I are in for lots of surprises too!

And you know at the McClellan house, we just LOVE schedules. Well, here's the one Robert and I came up with after researching (and getting suggestions) on what to do and where go to! As you can see, it's gonna be a full (and FUN) weekend!

Can't wait!


7:00amCST Leave for Chattanooga
10:30amEST Arrive in Chattanooga , pick up tickets at The Chattanoogan (2nd Street )
11:00am IMAX Under the Sea 3D Showing (45mins) ( 2nd and Chestnut)
12:00ish Lunch at the River Street Deli, Coolidge Park (River Street)
2:00pm Creative Discovery Museum (2-3hrs) (Chestnut Street)
5:00ish Check into room/Freshen up for Dinner
5:30pm Dinner at Sekisui Restaurant (200 Mkt Street)
7:00ish Get back to the Hotel and Swim in the indoor pool


Wakeup Get ready, pack, load car and have breakfast at the BroadStreet Grille
10:00am Visit the Aquarium’s Freshwater Exhibit, River Journey
12:00ish Lunch at Lupi’s Pizzeria (406 BroadStreet and 4th Street )
1:30ish Visit the Aquarium’s Saltwater Exhibit, Ocean Journey
4:00pm Leave for Birmingham
5:00pmEST Dinner on the Road
6:00pmCST Arrive in Birmingham

Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures when we get back. And who knows, I may even make it into a few! Wouldn't that be exciting! haha

See ya when we get back! Maybe I can blog a little from my phone...ooooo, I just might have to do that for a few sneak peaks!! ;-)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. don't forget to schedule a few minutes at Coolidge Park after or before you eat. They have an awesome carousel there that the kids will love to ride. The park itself is wonderful with games like hopscotch and a musical set made with old car parts. We spent about an hour there last year, especially once Mercy found the stage she had all to herself. In the hotter months they have one of those water parks like at the zoo. Hope you guys have fun! The aquarium is a blast. We are planning on going next month, ourselves.

  3. OOOOH linsey i am SOOOOO jealous!! we miss chattanooga soooo much!!! there is a great cajun/sea food restaraunt "easy seafood company"...they have the BEST brisket (sp?...say hello to the 'noog for us!!! hope you guys have fun!!! the aquarium and the creative museum are super fun!!!

  4. When we were kids, the steam engine went from Birmingham to Chattanooga. It was My FAVORITE weekend trip ever!! If you have time the kids might love Ruby Falls. It is a wee bit scary because it's a huge cave, but it's really really neat and a cool learning experience. It's about a 30 minute tour. I'm LOVE LOVE LOVE Chatty-town! and the River Market Grille is divine! Make sure you walk along the river behind the aquarium. Have FUN!!!!


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