Friday, February 20, 2009


The sewing bug. And I LOVE it!! Sewing comes in seasons for me, I guess. The spring-like weather that has been teasing us has made me start dreaming in COLOR! I'm very ready to wear COLOR again. I just think winter wardrobes can be so depressing. I can't stand buying anything to wear in the winter. Except shoes maybe.

But you know how I love to match the kids. Well, it's turned into just the girls now. Landon is just plain out of that stage now. Oh well. :-(

But the girls and I went and picked out some fabric. I'm keeping it SUPER simple. I just don't have the same amount of time on my hands like I did before Lillian was born.

So no button holes or snaps! It's basically 2 pieces of fabric sewn together with a few embellishments and ribbons that tie at the shoulders!

So bring on the rick rack and pom poms! :-) I have everything cut out and the trim pinned to almost everything. I'll have these zipped together in no time! And my plan is to let my friend Carrie monogram a couple of them. I bet she'll have some cute ideas for me! I promise Carrie! We will get together and pick out something cute! I'm sayin' it here! :-)

Now, if only this spring weather would go ahead and get here!


  1. Where do you go to find fabric? It seems harder to find these days.

  2. Oh, I wish I could sew. I would love to make some cute dresses for my daughter! Even some spring outfits for my son.
    I love all your coupon/savings posts...very inspirational. I blog hop frequently and found yours through my cousin's wife (Family of Riches) and the similar blog name ( caught my eye, then I found some other cute ones through yours! I guess I am identifying with ya'll because I have 2 kids and 1 on the way and figure other people can handle 3 kids...
    Anyway, keep up the good blogging and feel free to post tips on raising 3 for those of us about to go there! ha
    tarheelmom in NC

  3. Oh, I am loving that polka-dot fabric - where did you find it? I'm with shlane, it is SO hard to find super-cute fabric where I live ;(

    Can't wait to see the finished products!

  4. I went to Hancocks...sometimes they'll get some cute spring/summer fabrics in.

    Also, the really sweet smocking shops around town have GREAT a little higher cost. I do reversible sometimes, so I try to find one fabric at the nice smocking stores, and then a cheaper one at hancocks. It's all about the detail though. Rick rack, ribbon, pom poms, appliques, monograms. I try to keep it super simple and then do the cute add ons that make it look more finished! :-)

  5. Please post pics when they are finished!! I am a beginner's sewer and would love some tips of teh trade!!...also want to learn how to smock if you know how to do that?!

  6. Hey,
    I am a blogstalker. Been reading for awhile-not really sure how I got here. Glad to see that your sewing room is the dining room: )
    Cannot wait to see your projects completed!!Check out for some super cute fabric and you can buy it in like 1/2 yard packs for super cheaP

  7. You are sweet to give me a shoutout! We are going to get some cute stuff for the outfits i promise!!


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