Monday, February 9, 2009


Olivia is in her first year of ballet this year. I can't say that she absolutely loves it, but we're finishing the year out no matter what. I personally think she look so stinkin' cute in her ballet outfit. And if she's anything like me (and I think she is) she doesn't like not knowing what is coming. I keep trying to explain to her about the big recital at the end of the year and her costume that she will get to keep, but I'm not sure she fully grasps it.

Last weekend, the ballet company hosted a Father/Daughter dance. Lemme tell you, I've never seen that child get so excited about anything! She could NOT wait!

Friday night, she got all dressed up, put on her necklace and bracelet that she is only allowed to wear on special occasions and had a night out with Daddy!

They ate dinner, watched some performances by the older ballerinas, and got to dance together themselves!

Just maybe this dance will want to make her keep taking ballet...we'll see.

When I was taking pictures...shocker....Lillian actually wanted in the picture. We couldn't get her to leave. Usually, I can't get her to stay in the frame!

And, it turned out cute! :-)


  1. What a sweet blog post! The pictures are precious as well! Miss yall!

  2. That is so sweet!! I love the last picture of daddy and his girls!

  3. that is so cute!!!! i'm with you on the whole ballet thing, i really hope sophie wants to do it when she's older. i loved it when i was a kid b/c i was terrible at sports!

  4. Hey Lindsay! Thanks! We are so proud of him and Abbey and Brandon love him to death. I don't know what I would do without Abbey's help. She is a great Big Sister! Dennis says hello to yall too!

  5. She's so cute! And so fun...a night out with her daddy! I LOVE her dress...MW has the same one! :)

  6. LOVE THE PICTURES!!! I still can't get over how big Olivia is. She is so grown up! Time FLIES!!!


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