Monday, August 25, 2008


WOW..... ::cliche warning:: Time FLIES! Olivia has officially started kindergarten. She loves it so far. It helps when you already know your teacher because you were with her so much the year before. Most of her classmates were back...and there are even a few new ones!

Don't they look so cute in their uniforms?? :-)

You're getting so big Olivia! We love you so much!!

The house has been pretty quiet today. Could be tired kids from our awesome beach trip! What an adventure that was!!


  1. Olivia is TOO cute! She has the most adorable little smile and looks precious in her uniform!

  2. YEA for Olivia! Tristan starts back tomorrow and is SO excited! We met his teacher on Thursday, and she seems really great. He has a lot of friends in his class, so that made things even better. :) YEA for school! =)

    Oh, and btw, Olivia looks PRECIOUS in her uniform!
    Love the family shots!


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