Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hidden Deals and CVS

So it wasn't my best CVS run ever. I learned my lesson and should have broken up the transactions into 2 or 3 "around $10" transactions. Then I probably would have paid pennies! Oh well. I also messed up and grabbed a wrong toothbrush. So that's also why it came out a little higher.!! Ok.

TOTAL for this transaction: $4.33 (saved $54.24)

The batteries were on clearance for $2.90 and I had $1.00 coupons Had to get those. All the makeup was free because Cover Girl was BOGO this week and I used a BOGO coupon. Which is COMPLETEY OKAY TO DO. I talked to CVS corporate personally - after a rude encounter with a "manager" that said it was "HIS RULE" not to use my BOGO coupons. Oh, he got an earfull from upper management later, I'm sure of it!

I received back ECBs for the toothbrushes and toothpaste. All in all..not too shabby.

But this is where shopping gets fun. I just happened to notice those clearance batteries - good Energizer e2 batteries!! Then as I was pulling them off, there were 4 packs with $2.00 coupons I could use instantly!

So I bought 4 more packs of batteries all for $2.18!!! I'm not sure you can get batteries like this for $0.55 each at WallyWorld!! :-) And we go through AAA batteries like candy here!!

Always have to keep your eyes peeled! There are hidden deals all the time! My brain is still being trained to look out for these!


  1. Great job, Linz! I've gotten some great deals at CVS and Publix over the past few weeks and have been SO lazy about posting them! I used to be great about it. Oh well. :)

    This week I, too, ended up spending more out of pocket than usual. I only did 2 transactions when I should have done 3 and I ended up getting more expensive CG foundation than blush, so I had to pay $1.50 for each of those. I ended up spend around $8 this week. I saved $80, though, so that was good, but I don't usually like to spend that much oop. Next time, I'll pay closer attention! :)

    Great deal on the batteries!!!
    I think you'll like the CG mineral blush. I tried it this morning and really like it. The good thing is that it's LOTS cheaper than Bare Minerals! :) For blush, that's fine with me! :)

  2. You amaze me. Will you go shopping with me one day and help me? I'm such a grab and go shopper that I never pay enough attention to stuff like that.

    With the batteries though, see if you can find some coupons for the rechargable batteries and charge stations. If you go through them that fast, you could really benifit from plugging in half while you use the other half... and there's a lot less waste too!

  3. YES Tricia! I wish I could have gone with someone...probably would have learned it faster! Really I think most of the work is done before you go to the store...with the ads and coupons@

    GREAT idea about the rechargeable batteries!!!


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