Monday, August 18, 2008

Daddy's Disclosures

Since my awesome husband got his awesome new job, he has less time to blog. SO...I think I've talked him in to periodic postings on my blog. They will be called "Daddy's Disclosures" (pun intended) and I hoping to get something out of him at least once a week! Maybe I'll tell him that he can't eat dinner until he writes his blog - just like the kids can't eat until the playroom is cleaned! hehe Anyways, this is his recent job happenings in his own words! Enjoy - he is an awesome writer!


God’s Rich Blessing

I had always been one who perceived success as self-inflicted. It has been this very mind frame that pushed me to my limits in most everything. Many times, I have also been the Bain of my success. My patience has always been something that I know needs attention. That said, from a career perspective, I have paddled myself in so many circles that I finally decided to let God have control.

It was about 2 years ago that I accepted the position of Accounting Manager with a well-known company. I must admit, going into the position, I had self-conceived notions of what my career path would look like as well as the culture that I was walking into. It wasn’t long that I had a “feeling” (impatience) that the culture wasn’t what I was looking for. I attempted to influence the culture in such a way that would develop the company to be what I wanted it to be. I pushed harder to attain success and acceptance by learning and developing, revising and redeveloping. I was getting nowhere fast. Although I had success based on my work ethic and ability to develop efficiencies, I was not getting what I wanted. I wanted a culture change. Ultimately, after a few short months I knew that I wanted something different. I searched every nook and cranny to expose some viable reason as to why I should get out. I was desperate.

It was in that time that I sought counsel, counsel that I had to seek diligently and with open ears. Over the course of several weeks it was apparent to me that my counsel did not want me to “move”. It seems like every verse that I read had some form of “hold fast” incorporated into it. I tried to reassess/retranslate the verses and the message that was so blatantly screaming “don’t move”. I had one job opportunity during this time of assessment that offered me well above where I was from an income perspective. However, I felt a strong urgency to stay put based on the counsel that I was so graciously given. Through my obedience I gained more experience in my career than I would have had I accepted the “better” offer. I eventually became the leader of the Accounting Department and my salary increased by almost 50% in just 18 months. Still, I had a “feeling”.

One day, a good friend called me and informed me that I should call a guy he knew. This friend knows me quite well from a career perspective and knows my aspirations and determination. Turned out, the guy that I called is a very respected and successful businessman who happened to be looking for a Controller. He is the type of guy that you meet and go, “wow, this is someone I want to work with”. For whatever reason, Danny became interested in me and although I was not what he was looking for in terms of experience, he was willing to give me a shot at a job that can greatly influence his continued success. Mind you, I have only been an accountant for less than 3 years.

That brings me to today. I am currently the Controller of a company called Summit Products, LLC. I’ve been given great responsibility and even greater opportunity. The culture fits. You know when you just know? It’s like when I met my wife, I just knew. I have an opportunity to mentor with someone who has been there, done that. I had no mentor at Stratton’s. I was a leader that was tapped out in potential. I look forward to learning and growing every day. I am excited about being a part of the Summit team.

Over the past several years I have learned one thing for certain; God’s timing is impeccable. Faith is the one key factor that allows for God’s timing to prevail. God’s timing is an incredible faith builder. Without His timing in my life, I would have no experiences from which to grow in faith. Over the past several years I have had to learn the hard way that I am not in control of my own life. God rewards those who seek and obey.

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  1. Robert, that's awesome! We are so excited for you and your family!


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