Monday, April 21, 2008


Sunday morning, as the family piled in our bed to watch fishing on the Outdoor Life Network, I realized that this was one of our silly family traditions. Most Sunday mornings before we start getting ready for church, we turn a crazy hunting or fishing show on the television and lay in bed and drink our coffee. The kids love it, and I now look forward to what we'll see on this time. My favorite is the shark fishing competition.

It made me think of other unintentional traditions we have. For example, we cook a frozen pizza for dinner every Sunday night and eat it on the floor in front of the television while watch ing America's Funniest Home Videos! It's just a given. But we didn't just one day say, "we're going to do this every Sunday night!" It evolved.

I think it's awesome to have things you do regularly with your family that are special. I had many fun traditions growing up and it's fun to try and incorporate those into my kids lives. I hope many more unique and special traditions come about every year! I'm sure they'll change with the seasons of life we go through too.

What kind of traditions have you settled into with your family?


  1. I love traditions...we have some we always do as well! In Birmingham when we had our grill hooked up, every Friday night was steak night. I miss those Friday nights...I just miss our grill. We do pizza night every Sunday night as well! It is so nice not to have to cook and just relax with the family!

  2. Great Post! With every year that passes, it seems that I grow fonder of consistency and regularity. Some of the other things that we do or that I'd like to do...

    Wed Night fastfood before church
    Every 2nd Friday Night Date Nite
    Bedtime Book and Prayer
    Dinner at the Table
    Breakfast at the Table
    Friday Lunch at Chappy's

  3. Hey! What a great post! Wil's family always does Sunday Night Mexican food, whether they eat out or cook quesadillas at home. We have incorporated that with some of our friends. It is a great way to have a quick dinner, too! And with the great weather, our favorite place has a patio where Wiley can play/run around, too! Ole!

  4. Great fun! I guess ours is sports. We tend to have ESPN on and we especially watch sports together during baseball and football season. There are silly traditions we do here and there but I don't think the preciousness would be appreciated so I won't try to describe them. They are silly but they are ours! :)


  5. lindsay ,what traditions did we have? did we eat egg sandwiches on sunday night?

  6. We have family night. Normally on family night we spread a blanket out on the floor of the den, watch a movie, and eat an array of appetizers. We use to do this faithfully every Friday night but now that Edward has his small group, we do it whenever we can. I am looking forward to having our Friday nights back!!!

    Each night, we all crowd in Josiah's bed where we read a book, sing a song, and pray together before he goes to sleep. That's something we all three look forward to!


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