Wednesday, April 9, 2008

More With Aunt Lacey!

Friday night we went to Lulu's Restaurant. It's owned by the daughter of Jimmy Buffet. It was an INCREDIBLE family friendly place. There was sand everywhere for the kids to play in. A fountain to wash off and clean up toys. A board walk with tables and an outdoor bar and cafe. Then you had the restaurant where you could watch boats pull up and drive by! The place was self entertaining for kids!!

Saturday night we decided to keep it low key. We rented a movie for the kids and the grown ups as well. Once we set the kids up with their movie and popcorn, we fixed our dinner.

We wanted to keep it light. We had eaten such a big lunch. So we set up a wine and cheese platter! YUM!!

It's brie with cashews and some honey and truffle oil drizzled over it. Then we had a munster and parmigiano-reggiano. And then some "stinky cheese" as I like to call it - bleu cheese that was perfect with some dried apricot or pineapple. Or you could layer it with pear or apple! There was also so delicious granola with shaved coconut and some raisins that was fun to eat with the cheeses too. It was perfect - not to heavy but just as filling!

Lillian slept with us for a while since the kids were watching a movie in her bedroom! She looked SO comfortable!

The dogs tried to play a little. Audrey is 1 and Lil is almost 7. It's so funny to see the difference in the attitudes!

At one point, we couldn't find Audrey. We found her curled up with Olivia - I guess she was worn out!

It was a great girls weekend - plus Landon! :-)


  1. I'll have to work with Landon for a week straight just to get his testosterone levels back to par. I get dizzy just thinking about all of the estrogen......


  2. You are so blessed! What a fun time! Glad you were able to enjoy yourself!



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