Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ready Or Not...

Here we come!! We're (the 3 kids, myself, and my mom) are leaving to go and visit my sis at the beach tomorrow! It'll be the craziest trip I've taken yet with the three kiddos! But it'll be fun, there is plenty of room for us to spread out and sleep. Not to mention, there is SAND AND SUN for us to enjoy!! :-)

I'm also looking forward to some "girl time" with my sister and mom. I'm not sure we've gotten this type of time together ever. At least since Lacey and I have been married. Everything is kinda up in the air. We'll be playing things by ear with the kids. I'm sure everything will work out. Robert will be turkey hunting with Mac (Lacey's hubby) all weekend. Still, I may need a "vacation" after this vacation!! :-) Sad, huh.

That's my life - and a pretty darn exciting one too!

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