Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally Put Them Together

I got my half sewn outfits back from the monogramming lady on Monday and have had a blast putting them together this week!!!

Here is one side of sister/sister outfits! The turquoise is polka dotted!

And this is reversed!

Here is another sister/sister outfit. The yellow is polka dotted!

And reversed!

Here is another bubble for Lillian - this was the practice one that ended up turning out so cute!

Of course I couldn't leave Landon out. And I just couldn't help but make him some john johns. This is probably the last summer he'll let me put them on him. I just love them with his red keds!!

Now, we'll just have to wait and see what comes out of my sewing machine next......


  1. So cute! What pattern/s do you use for boys? I've got to go get some now that I have little Henry to sew for as well.

  2. Hey Peggy! Thanks! I would use the Taylor pattern (Children's Corner) for Henry - you can do it boy or girl. Then when he starts walking, I like the Hunter (Bonnie Blue). :-)

  3. SO CUTE! Lillian looked gorgeous today in her custom-made outfit! :)

  4. Lillian looked so precious in her aqua bubble suit today!! if i have a girl next- you are definitely going to have to teach me how to make some of these things!!!! i love them!!!

  5. These are PRECIOUS! You are so talented!!

  6. So cute!! Love them! I bet they are even more precious in person!

    (I also loved Olivia's creation too! A cute bear!)


  7. lindsay , sooo cute.....i'm so proud of you!!!!! so when are you going to smock!!!!?

  8. So precious!!!!! I need you to teach me!!!


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