Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm Hunckered Down...

Is that even a word...hunckered???? Robert left today for his 3rd annual guys weekend of fishing and hunting. I'm equally excited for him, except I realized how much I look forward to weekends with him. I do not look forward to spending nights alone. Even though I'm not technically "alone" - with 3 kids sleeping in the house even when he's gone. BUT, there is a level of safeness I feel when he IS sleeping next to me in bed.

So, I've been trying to figure out some fun things to do while Daddy is away. Like going to the Dollar Tree and picking something fun out. And Bruster's - you can't beat THE BEST icecream in town as a fun outing!!! And watching some fun movies and reading the books we checked out from the library!

Yet, I'm still 'bracing' my self for a weekend alone with the three kids.

Hopefully we'll make it through these next three days with no broken bones. And I'm only asking for a minimum of 4 hours of straight sleep per night - that's not too much to it???

Here is how our bath went tonight.......

I can't help that think that this is a sign of what is to come this weekend!!

BTW, they are spitting out dirty bath water for fun..........BUT.....HOW "GREEN" AM I.... bathing ALL the kids at the same time. Savin' some H2O AND some $$...............


  1. Yes, we too save water this way! I don't know how much longer it will last but for now - it saves water and time! Plus I get a little quiet while they are both contained!

    :) (I got your email btw! Can't wait for Monday!) :)


  2. We, too, do the community bath for both boys. Can't beat it!
    You'll do great this weekend. :)
    Great seeing you twice in one week. Like Adrienne said, we're getting spoiled by getting to see each other often again. I miss the days!
    Oh, and if you ask any Georgia bulldog, hunckered (sp?) is definitely a word!!! :)


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