Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shindigs: Mountain Brook Mondays

For everyone who lives in my neck of the woods, I wanted to let you know about my brother-in-law's food truck that will be parking in Mountain Brook on Mondays!  Off Heathermoor Road near Mountain Brook Elementary School!

Head on over to Lacey's blog to get some more info.  You can even reach their twitter and facebook pages!

click truck to go to their site

What is so great about this is it makes it easy for busy moms like me to get my Shindigs "fix" when I need it! :)  They typically park downtown (which is going GREAT for them and all the business districts) but it's not easy to pull up with 4 kids, park, get out, eat, etc....while battling downtown traffic.  And one way streets.  Not that I've *ever* driven down one of those the wrong way or anything. ;) 

So go get your taste buds spanked!!

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  1. Hi,
    You do not know me but I am Elizabeth Sullivan Snodgrasses aunt. I saw your title on her side bar so I looked. Sooo Glad I did we went to the village and found the truck. got in line and ordered the Salad and short ribs. my husband and I shared these and we both loved it all! Thanks for the heads up I'll be going back next monday! They had quite a crowd and were running out of some of the dishes so I will go earlier next week.


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