Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Busyness!! 9 and 7

My babies have turned NINE and SEVEN!!

WOW.  Seriously, stop growing. Mmmkay?

Olivia and Landon's birthday are just a day apart. I had her at noon Feb 5th and Landon 1 a.m. Feb 6th!  How's that for timing...so they could have their own "day". :)

So Olivia's "party" is this coming Sunday.  We are taking the girls in her class to dinner for some food and fun.  There will be many pics so I will share next week.  BUT, on her actual birthday we took her to lunch and then wandered over to the mall where we "wandered" into Claire's and told her she would get her ears pierced!  She's been asking for about 2 years, and we felt now was the perfect time. 


She did perfect!  Not scared a bit!  And she's been diligently taking care of them 3x/day every day since.  :)

You let this one loose in a store where 60% of it is on his level, and well.......

Pretty girl, inside and out!

Landon opted out of a big birthday and asked for a nice mountain bike.  So that was easy!

I also took him lunch at school and got to hang out with ALL my kiddos!  So fun!

But a couple of weeks ago, the Dairy Queen by our house had a sale and the entire store was 50% off.  Robert went by that night to get some and they had some freshly made cakes and he was able to get their names put on them!  So 2 cakes for the price of one!  I'll take it!

We enjoyed some of that cake on his birthday night.

Lighting his own candles.  As far as those candles....4 plus 3 little ones = 7.  :)

Singing Happy Birthday!

Robert keeping Rhodes from blowing out the candles...again. 

Happy Birthday Olivia and Landon!  We LOVE you and are SO proud of you!!!

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  1. Lindsay, I didn't realize Olivia was nine! Same age as my second, Ryleigh. I would love to know how you find clothes for her. Ryleigh is way over the cutesie matching sets and anything with smocks or ruffles :). We went EVERYWHERE the other day looking for clothes and I told her if I saw one more thing with neon, sequins or prints w/ cocky sayings or cats wearing sunglasses I was going to throw up! I can't stand the clothing for this age. Will Olivia still wear the "baby" stuff? If not, where do y'all shop?


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