Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Same ole Same ole

I wish I had a bunch of exciting things to show you and tell you but I don't.  Our days are full of eating, sleeping, school, extra curricular activities and family time!

We have been enjoying this super nice weather.  The kids were out of school for a couple of days not too long ago and they literally sat outside all day shooting guns. 

We have a bb gun and an air soft rifle and the older two enjoy shooting the stop sign.  These air soft guns/rifles are the new thing right now.  They are almost like a smaller bullet version of a paintball gun but quite as "dangerous" as a bb gun.  I mean ALL guns are dangerous and we take all precautions.  Everyone except Lillian and Rhodes have been shot with the air soft gun to see what it feels like.  Well, I didn't quite volunteer myself, but I've been hit.  :)  Bb gun bullets are metal and would cause more injury (in my opinion) than little plastic bb's. 

We are careful.


Luckily we live in a neighborhood with hardly any traffic and there were no kids out since they were all in school. 

We are leaving our mark out here.  Landon is quite the little shot!  I'm not real shocked since Landon is pretty good at anything he really tries at.  And still good at things that he hardly tries at as well!!  Sportswise at least.  HA!

Well, just wanted to check in.  Nothing really going on.  Just enjoying the family!

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