Friday, January 27, 2012

HELLO! A Recipe And an iPhone Dump :)

It's FRIDAY!  And we don't have school!!  YAY!

I recently have had many sweet comments and emails about the blog/a post/photography and I want to say THANK YOU!  And for the new commenters.....HELLO!!  Thanks for stopping by!

I did have someone ask about my butternut squash soup recipe.  Here it is!

click on pic for recipe
It was super easy and I used olive oil instead of butter (because of the fast).  I think I even added a bit of cloves and cinnamon to flavor it up a little.  Next time I make it, I may even add some half&half or milk.  But then that just adds more fat/calories, etc. 

I love butternut squash and eat it all the time.  Another one of my favorite recipes with this squash is a spinach salad.  Peel/dice the squash and roast with Pam olive oil spray, salt, pepper, and cinnamon.  To the salad, add walnuts, dried cranberries, grilled chicken, and blue cheese and top with Ken's Light Vidalia Onion dressing!  YUM!!!  You can substitute any nut/cheese/dried fruit/dressing/lettuce to change it up a little.

And a few pics...

Boys being boys with toothpicks...

My little helper...

What my car would look like if I had 5 kids...

I almost burned down the house.  But I needed new spoons anyways.

Someone got a haircut!  2" off!!

Lunch box notes...oh, and mom's smart! ;)

Teaching Ford to coupon!

Cousin loving Cousin


Ford stays with Aunt Lindsay!

A late night indoor baseball lesson for Rhodes!


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