Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perfect Hair Bow Tutorial

I've  posted about this before, but thought (since I was making like 20 bows) I'd revise this little hair bow tutorial!

What you need:

1 - RIBBON - I prefer gross grain, or the waved edged ribbon.  Size (width) depends on the size of the bow you want.  The bigger the better in my books.  ;)

2 - NEEDLE/THREAD - to secure center of bow

3 - GLUE GUN - to glue to barrette.  (I got my mini glue gun at walmart years ago for $5)

4 - SCISSORS and FRAY CHECK - to cut ribbon and keep from fraying

5 - WAX or PARCHMENT paper - to keep the ribbon from sticking to wrong parts of barrette :)

Each bow requires 32"-38" of ribbon.  So about a yard.

The key is HOW to FOLD the ribbon!!

 I think the pictures will speak the best. 

*Have needle and thread ready with a small knot at the end!*

First fold like this with the long end to the left side of the fold.

Then take the long end on the left side and fold up and over towards the right.

Then, fold that upper right end under itself and back down towards the right. 

Then take that tail and fold up over towards the upper left.

Pinch and fold the center until it looks like this. 

Take your *ready* needle and thread and sew right through the middle.  Wrap several times around and tie off.  I've seen places where they use wire, I just think the thread holds better. :)

First part...DONE! :)

I make all my bow parts first! 

Then I make coordinating knots for each bow.

This is fray check.  It can be added to the raw ends of the ribbon at any time.  I did mine at the very end.  :)

Take the wax/parchment paper and slide it right under the barrette.  You don't want to glue the barrette together!

Put some glue on top of the bow and add the knot right on top.  Continue to fold sides around and glue.

Doesn't have to be perfect...this part is not seen.

Trim any excess.

Put a nice strip of glue on the barrette and press the bow (both lengthwise) onto the barrette and let dry.

Once it's dry and cooled, you can remove the wax/parchment paper.

And VOILA!  LOTS of cute, perfect, little girl hair bows!

I got all this ribbon at Hobby Lobby (including barrettes) for $23.  I didn't even use all the wavy edged ribbon (for Olivia) and it made 17+ bows!!  These sized bows sell for $8-$12 in boutiques! 

I don't know about you, but pretty making your own is the way to go!!

Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. cool - i've been using wire but will def try the thread next time!


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