Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Heart Is Full

Hey Y'all!! I was on a roll there for a while, huh!!  All my posting and stuff!  It was fun while it lasted!! :-)

But, as you know, a stomach bug hit our family.  Well, it only hit Robert and I.  Which is worse than it hitting the kids.  Let's just say we don't make good patients!!  But it knocked us all off our horses for several days. 

BUT, we are now back in the grind - only to face the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.

Other than the sausage balls we cooked, I haven't gotten too "seasonal" quite yet.

BUT, yesterday was a dreary day and the sun did not want to come out and play.  So what better to do on a cloudy fall day than BAKE (kinda) and CRAFT inside!

So I gathered the goods - OREOS, Whoppers, candy corn, icing, and red hots and we went to town making turkey cookies!!!

There was lots of licking in between constructing cookies.  But isn't that part of the fun! ;-)

I only made ONE turkey.  As the "model".  And they did the rest!

And they did such a great job!

There was one little man that couldn't stand NOT to be included with what was going on on TOP of the table.

But he was quickly appeased after a little whining...which lead to Olivia handing him an Oreo.  Then he was set! ;-) 

Little fingers went to work, perfectly placing the candy corn feathers and "red hot" heads of the turkeys!

I don't even think we broke any Oreos!  They all opened up just perfectly!

We iced and candy corn-coated Oreos until mom said ALL DONE and you better eat your dinner their little hearts were content!

Turkey cookies were a success!!!

And you all know what's coming next..........THE INFAMOUS CANDY HOUSE!!!! :-)

The night ended with everyone in a sugar coma nice and full on the couch with Dad!


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