Thursday, November 4, 2010

How I Do It NOW

For those that are new around here, I decided to link some old post I wrote about how I got started couponing and then some updates on how I do it now!

THIS POST talks about some of the ins and outs on how to get started.

THIS POST has a couple of examples.  AND some pics of Olivia and Landon when they were younger!  So cute!

And now....

The biggest change to couponing I've made is how I store and clip coupons.  I now FILE them away by week.  Since the main two sites I use (Southern Savers and IHeartPublix) list the date the coupon was in the paper, I just look it up real quick, locate it, and clip it!

I have 13 or 14 file folders in my drawer in my desk.  Every Sunday I grab the back (oldest) file folder, trash the inserts that are in their (expired) and re-label the folder with a sticky label, and put it in the front of the bunch of folders.  I also have a folder for coupon booklets, advantage buy inserts and other pages of coupons that I've found.  I also have a folder for loose coupons that I accidentally printed or didn't use one week.

I try and do one big couponing trip a week.  That meaning that I buy things even if I don't "need" them because they were at a great price!  Then I put them in our extra fridge/freezer downstairs - which is a HUGE help when stocking up!

I pretty much only shop at Piggly Wiggly for meat.  They have incredible sales on GOOD MEAT!  Even steaks!

***Guys, chicken breast should be SMALL and PINK.  Not huge and I seem to find at other stores I frequent!  I promise the small, pink ones will be tender and juicy when they cook up!***

But because we're a family of 6, other small trips are usually in order.  To pick up things we need NOW or are out Rhodes' soy milk, fresh produce, lunchbox items, etc.

I still hit up CVS every once in a while, though I'm not rolling ECB's (extra care bucks) like I used to.  But if there's a great deal, especially on diapers or wipes, you better bet I'm there.  I just know that we have enough razors and toothpaste to last us for a while!

Hope this gets the ball rolling for a few of ya!  I wish I had known this stuff earlier on in my marriage!  Heck, I wish I'd known this stuff in college!!  Oh, the $$$ I could have saved!!!


  1. thank you for doing that!!!! i keep trying to couon, do ok for a while and then quit because i can't find a sunday paper to be bought anywhere or i'm out of quarters. (they won't deliver just weekend or sunday papers here-- you have to get the whole week) but i miss it. it feels really good when you buy a lot for a little. but i've never really figured the whole system out. thanks for helping!!

  2. Great tips! Wish you lived in the UK so you could help me here. :)

  3. didn't know rhodes was on soy. i have some for you :) will send it home with my parents next week and hopefully they can get it to abby for you. maybe save you a few more bucks one week!


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