Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Kids Just LOVED Carving Pumpkins...

The kids were so thrilled to carve pumpkins.  They all helped carry the pumpkins down by the water to get them ready to carve!

Rhodes supervised things as they all helped gather supplies. 

They watched as every saw, back and forth, of the knife went through their pumpkins!

They happily cleaned them out in order to get them ready for the faces they picked out!

Everyone was full of smiles and excitement!!

They could hardly contain themselves!!!

I was proud of MY pumpkin...aka Lillian's.

They couldn't wait for Dad to come help with the other two pumpkins!

Olivia and Landon picked out the two most intricate designs in the carving kit!  They were so eager to help and watch Dad carve away!

Meanwhile, Rhodes had a little reading time with Daddy Doc!

Robert tediously worked away as the children watched in anticipation to see what the finished product would look like!  They couldn't wait to see the final product!!!

Landon picked out a cat!?!?  Our favorite animal.  Well, it is and "evil" holiday anyways...and you know where cats come from!  ;-)

Now the part that the kids weren't interested in at ALL!  They look pretty unamused...right?!

Now back to no sarcasm....as was all the text above.
So even Robert and I did all the pumpkin activities, the kids did enjoy lighting them up!  It was just so funny to see them so uninterested in something they said they couldn't wait to do!!

They turned out GREAT!  Don't ya think???


  1. Haha! The pumpkins are great. Love the last shot!

  2. My kids were the same way! They were a LITTLE more interested, but they were more interested in me doing the work and them enjoying the results. :)

  3. Isn't it funny how some things they act like they can't wait to do OR you think they are going to love and...you get nothing!? Love the sarcasm! It actually took me a minute/a couple of pictures to realize it! ha ha

    Love the final product!


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