Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Him

Thank the Lord Lillian is all better.  It was a rough little "bug" on her 24lb frame.  She went 24 hours without a single bite of food and just about that without fluids.  Well, she sipped gatorade all day.  It just wouldn't stay down.  :-(  Finally at around 7:30 p.m. she fell asleep.  She slept on the couch with all her towels in her sleeping bag and seemed to get a nice full nights sleep.  I checked on her around 3:30 a.m. and she was so cute and peaceful sleeping away!

And she woke up asking for a toaster strudel.  Anything for you baby! :-)

But yesterday, while she managed to get a little shut eye, I sneaked outside with Rhodes and let him run around in the fresh air.  Yes, he still had his pjs on.  Why change when your comfy and not going anywhere?!?

We ran around and played with a golf club.  He was trying to swing it but it's kinda heavy for him and he couldn't quite get it over his shoulder.

We drove and drove.  Waved at nobody.

And got some of our energy out!

Then i had fun going through the pics and learning clipping masks and templates in photoshop! :-)

Hence all the side by side photos!

Do you like?!?  I think it's kinda fun to combine photos!  Just hoping I can get faster at it if I keep it up!!!


  1. cute pics! love the side-by-side.
    hey, nobody said pj's were indoors only! ha

    and, by the way, we are on our second batch of sausage balls in 2 weeks! 'tis the season!

  2. haha I love the "waved at nobody" he looks really into the waving!

    Now you have to show us how to do clipping masks and templates.

  3. Hey, would you be at all interested in a step by step of how you did those side by side pics? I've tried it a thousand times and mine never come out sized right. I know you're super busy...but still! I need so much help with my blog, esp now that I switched to a mac :( And if you don't have time for a step by step, at least tell me how to get my pics as BIG as yours! I'll be FOREVER GREATFUL!

    Your Friendly Blog Stalker

    PS-remember a thousand years ago when some crazy lady asked you where you got your Yes, I'm Pregnant...Again teeshirt? That was me, and I wore mine for the first time yesterday and got TONS of compliments! So thanks!


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