Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Notice the post below is untitled!  THAT is how busy we've been.  I always thought it was funny if someone forgot to title a post.  Well, now I understand!

I love the go-go-go days of summer.  Relaxing the routine a bit.  (Relax...not completely throw out the window!)  Being a little more flexible and spontaneous.

But I try and equally balance those days out with ones where we're home, in routine, and catching up sleep.  Because, take my word, the kids will lose their heads if I don't.  And I'd prefer not to reap those consequences.

So this morning, instead of rushing out of the house to they gym, we're going to lay low and get some things done around here.

A few little updates on everyone:

Olivia - she's in summer piano lessons right now.  She just started and is taking to it just like her mutha!  Flying through songs, looking ahead to teach herself.  Her teacher has been very impressed with how easy it comes to her!  Very proud mommy!!!

Landon - well, he's still being Landon.  We're working very hard on teaching him to be gentle with his sisters.  To protect them!  There's been a little blood drawn lately, but I felt like we really had a breakthrough the other day.  Usually after the incident, consequences, and talk, he would still be really angry.  I felt like I wasn't getting through to him.  Well, finally, after the fiasco, he came out of his room with a changed heart.  Apologized to me and his sister, and then chose to move on with a happy heart!!!   PROGRESS!!!  But probably one of those "2 steps forward, one step back" type of things.  But it was a small victory in my world.

Lillian - weighs 24 lbs.  Light as a feather I tell ya.  The doc said she was less than 5%.  But as we all know, she's quite far developmentally!  At church last Sunday, we found that she was put with the kindergarden and up room.  They said she was upset in her 3 year old room, so instead of calling us out, they put her with Landon.  And she probably fit in better there than the 3 year old room!!!  I also heard her singing, "Alejandro, alajandro...." in her sweet little girl voice the other day.  But that's another story. 

Rhodes - is another little squirt.  He weighs 16lbs 4 oz.  Another less than 5% baby, but the doc isn't concerned!  He's about to be full on walking.  Definitely before his 1st birthday!  I can't believe he is almost ONE!!!  He's quite the squealing happy baby these days.  But those squeals can be SO LOUD.  Happy, but LOUD!  And as I type this he is desperately trying to get to the dog food.  We find him with full cheeks every once in while! ;-)

And last, but not least some pics.  The kids came home with one of these a couple of weeks ago!

And toys are SOOOO overrated!  Pots and pans much cooler.


  1. i hear ya on the boys having to be gentle with girls. Our mantra in this house (since Eva is thrice outnumbered) is: "God made you strong to protect girls, not hurt them." You're doing a great service to his future wife. (and his sisters).. you have an adorable family!

  2. They are so cute!
    And I love the teeth brushing pics above!


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