Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7:02 a.m. to 10:21 a.m.

Just a little glimpse into one of our summer days.  On this day, Olivia and Landon happen to wake up with a slight fever and tummy ache.  Which turns into pj and movie day.

The good, bad, and the ugly!

Starting with the ugly.  Me, before having enough sips of coffee to see straight.  One kid is already up.  And her name starts with Lillian.  

Good Morning Sunshine! :-)

So she eats first. 

Still in her skivvies!

Olivia gets up with no appetite and a low fever.  And lands on the couch.  I attempt for probably 20 minutes to get the antenna sitting just right to pick up PBS.  It's still a little scratchy, but at least it's something.

I go get this big load from downstairs while starting another one. 

While setting some food in front of this little man I test him to see if he will do his newest trick. 

"TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!"  And the he claps on himself.  It's super cute.

After I take the above photo, I step backwards onto a cup full of water.  On the ground.  Which I'm guessing Lillian made herself.

Clean that up and attempt a minute or two on the computer.

Then realize I really should be cleaning bottles....there were even more found after this pic.

Then Lillian has a time out.  And during timeout does this with Rhodes' diapers.

We take Little Man to play at his great grandmothers house and then I come back to fold the laundry and give out juice and medicine.

Then decide to start on dinner.  Yes, it's 10:00 a.m. but if I don't at least start it now, chances are there's not going to be much of a dinner.  :-)

And I had a little helper too.

Yes, that's my burnt up toaster oven in the background.  But I love it.  And use it a lot!  Can you tell?

And one day, we'll redo the cabinet doors of the kitchen....whoever lived here before put that fake stuff on top.  I'm just waiting for Robert to rip them all off, sand them, and spray them!!  It's good to have a painter around the house!!!!

And that, my friends, was all before 10:21 a.m.  :-)

And I don't think I was able to snap any more pics during the day!!  Busy Busy Busy!!!


  1. LOVE this!!! A friend of mine challenged me to do a weeks worth of this kind of thing - these are the days! And this is life. So much of it is spent and consumed on spilled water and time outs and diapers and bottles strewn about. I'm with ya! We're having a pj and movie day ourselves. :)

  2. I love this post, and the touchdown pic, especially.

  3. yay! told you "a day in the life" would be a hit. what a morning.

  4. oooh - you are good. 10+ pictures in like 3 hours AND posted on your blog! wow! i was going to do this about 3 weeks ago, you know, to document a regular ol' day and i got one picture taken at breakfast and that was it! and that one never even got posted! ha


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