Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Even BETTER Than Vacation

This weekend was well...different. In a good and sad way.

We only had Lillian. ::JAW DROPPED:: It was SO weird. Olivia and Landon went to the lake with my parents for 2 nights. We debated on going, but really weren't up for traveling two consecutive weekends in a row. We wanted a peaceful, quiet weekend. And we definitely got that.

Now, I'm not saying that having only one child is easy. It's not, I've been there. BUT, when you go from 3 rambunctious kids down to 1 easygoing baby....it's like a vacation!!! Actually, even BETTER than vacation - because those usually include my 3 kids!!!!

We toted Lillian around town like she was a sweet sack of sugar - I mean she is, isn't she? We were actually going to go to a movie with her but decided not to at the last minute - and it was because I was tired and didn't want to go anywhere. Oh well...I think she would have really enjoyed the Abba music. ;-)

The house stayed so clean. The floors were crumb free (for the most part) and the bathroom didn't get peed all over. We didn't wake up to kids demanding food and juice. We actually stayed in bed until 10:00 am Sunday morning - and then went to the late service. I haven't been to the late service in, well...years. Lillian was pretty much just a fly on the wall in our little world!!

We got to eat a steak dinner and watch a movie at the same time! We haven't gotten to do that in forever. And I made it through almost all of the movie. ;-)

I guess what I really realized was how much I go on auto-pilot when they're all running around me. I try to be one step ahead of everyone. Which requires my mind to constantly be thinking in several different directions. So for that to come down so many notches, it was relaxing.

This is what Lillian thought about it! :-)

No, she missed them. But she did get some well deserved one-on-one time with mommy and daddy. We all missed Olivia and Landon so much. I know they had a lot of fun. We are glad they're home!!!

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  1. Hey.. I bet it was fun to have some time with just you and robert.. we miss yall very much and cant wait to see you guys soon.. i still need to call robert and just ask him if we can make a weekend out of driving there to come and visit.. we love yall


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